Domain Coloring


* Select a predefined formula from the list or
* Modify any formula or build a new one, use 'z' as te complex variable, press <enter> to evaluate
* Predefined functions are: sin, cos, tan , exp, log, acos, asin, atan
* Operators: () * / - + ^
* examples:

1/z * sin(1/z)

* click on the animation panel to switch between fixed image/animation
* images can be saved at any resolution (render time may be long)

Price: 1$

Domain coloring is a technique for visualizing functions of a complex variable. The term "domain coloring"
was coined by Frank Farris possibly around 1998.[1][2] There were many earlier uses of color to visualize
complex functions, typically mapping argument (phase) to hue.[3] The technique of using continuous color
to map points from domain to codomain or image plane was used in 1999 by George Abdo and Paul Godfrey
[4] and colored grids were used in graphics by Doug Arnold that he dates to 1997
(source wikipedia)