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Radionics Definition: Radionics is the utilization of an unusual energy or energies in devices to produce natural phenomenon or effects. J.G. Gallimore

Radionics: System of alternative medicine developed by Dr. Albert Abrams, who belived that diseased body tissue affected the nervous system and gave forth, 'dull emanations'. Abrams believed electronic phenomena were involved with this, and he invented a variable resistance intrument called a 'black box' to measure the ohm resistance of different diseases on an electronic circuit. He found for example, that cancer produced a 50 ohm resistance, while syphilis had a 55 ohm resistance. Abrams later modified his technique so he could take readings from a drop of blood. In 1924, a committee established by the Royal Society of Medicine investigated Abrams techniques and were favorably impressed. Today Radionics and its cousin Radiesthesia (medical dowsing) are recognized in Europe as legitimate medical procedures.

This is the beginning of Forum type articles that will be covering all aspects of the 'Ether'. Which includes 'orgone energy', 'pyramid energy', 'tantric energy' 'kundalini energy' and all other forms of 'unusual' energies that modern day science is still trying to understand.

It is simply an attempt to inform others that these energies exist and that they can be made available for your own use as well becoming more comprehensible to the layman. This is NOT a technically oriented forum, so should someone attempt and try to use technical terms...it will just make things that much harder on others who have no formal training in Physics, chemistry, etc., this forum is for the LAYMAN! But any and all persons 'of the scientific persuasion' are ENCOURAGED to join in, just keep things 'simple'. Thank You!

Though I am starting this communication I do not feel that I am required to allways contribute to it...whereas all persons have knowledge, ideas and opinions, I feel that this discussion be 'open' and may accept input from all persons. I will expect others to send questions & answers also. I will monitor the communications and answer the questions to the best of my knowledge and to the limits of my resources. This is a discussion for 'unusual energies', so I will expect some unusual questions and answers!

B A S I C S O F R A D I O N I C S ------------------------------------

Radionics has as its basis the following: There is an energy pervading the universe that has unusual properties and may be used for the betterment of mankind. Under certain conditions, this energy has been found to affect man or his enviroment and can be controlled under conditions imposed by the characteristics of that energy.

As in all sciences, development of that science is made through observation of properties or characteristics of that which is studied. Experimentation follows observations in order to control or induce the phenomenon itself in a controlled manner.


There are two reasons 'why' this country (USA) has made 'laws' against Radionics.

1. It works, but not in a way totally understood, not by the academic community and not by the practitioners themselves.

2. It works and produces miracle cures in man, plants, animals, and outdates existing sciences if it is understood. Therefore, the 'lobbies' in Washington representing the commercial applications of existing sciences force laws against Radionics to preserve existing sciences and the large sums of money invested in them to create our present technology and preserve the jobs of millions which might be lost if indeed Radionics was used to achieve the same results.


The 'Ether' as it is often called is the carrier of Radionic and PSI energies. To demonstrate that the 'Ether' actually exists it is necessary to demonstrate it scientifically. Here follows some very simple experiments to prove the existance of etheric forces, or 'bio plasmic energy' as it is called in Russia.


Take a clear test tube and insert a piece of sterilized cotton saturated with distilled water. Put a bean or pea in the initial stage of germination inside the tube and seal it carefully with a glass stopper and wax, making it absolutely air tight and moistureproof. If we compare the weight of the test tube after this initial preparation with the weight in a few weeks hence (after the seed inside has sprouted), we will find a considerable GAIN OF WEIGHT, which simply cannot be explained by contemporary physical laws or theories. The gain in weight can be demonstrated with even a small letterscale, no laboratory precision scale is needed.


But a follow-on test is even more revealing. A carefull chemical analysis of the seed which has sprouted in the sterile enviroment of the sealed test tube as compared with an identical seed will prove the sudden appearance of NEW CHEMICAL ELEMENTS IN THE SPROUT, which also cannot be logically explained by contemporary textbook science. The mineral substances found in the sprouting seed will show a gain of 20 to 100% over the identical seed BEFORE the test. We know the tube was sterile, the water was distilled and contained no minerals, and no mineral substance can penetrate the glass wall of the test tube. E X P L A N A T I O N

The only logical explanation for these surprising results is of course the assumption of the existance of 'formative' or 'etheric forces' which are able to penetrate the 'finer media' postulated by the esteemed Mr. Hieronymus. Around 1879 a German scientist named Von Herzeele had proved in more than 500 analysis that the mineral substances thus found in organic substances originate in a way comparably to alchemistic procedures. His published claims so outraged the scientific, materialistic oligarchy of his day that his writings vanished from the libraries -- (shades of Dr. Wilhelm Reich!)-- it took a student of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a medical doctor named Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, many years of intensive efforts to locate the writings of Von Herzeele in an obscure small library in Berlin. After WWII Dr. Hauschka proceed to publish his own findings. Since then the postulate of 'aetheric space', of a 'dynamic space fluidum' has since spead on the continent and is gaining recognition. Althought the terminology in the field is still somewhat confused, the Russians for instance decided to call it 'bio plasmic energy', and other nations coined still different terms---the basic facts remain the same.

E X A M P L E S As an example, there is the case of Theresa von Konnersreuth, a German peasant girl who astonished people for decades in our century, not by speaking Aramaic when in a state of ecstasy, but by her demonstrated and verified ability to survive for many years without the intake of food! Although she had a glass of water per day, most people were ready to discount the reports as 'hoaxes', disregarding, as usual, the sworn statements of her physicians!

G E N E R A L I N F O R M A T I O N It is generally accepted that the body has an energy field around it. This belief is held even without the proof of science, although VAST research is being conducted. A small group of people beleive that this energy can be conducted along a wire or conductor into a device which will allow measurement in a subjective manner, that is by using the human body response to this energy to determine a result. Generally without indication of the intensity of energy, information is determined by 'frequency' changes of this energy. Radionics is the utilization of an unusual energy or form of energy to produce desired effects.

I N C L O S I N G The energy is PRE PHYSICAL in that it is the force field around matter, thus detection, tuning, and transmission comprise the art of radionics. The energy itself has two polarities which are spiral twined together, or may exist seperate. These energies may divide into two more which are generally locked into matter.


(That is all for now......until later.....Live and Learn!)

! P E A C E !

This article was written by: 'Archon' (NOT his real name!) Archon lives in St Louis and is just a curious fellow, with a desire to learn things in the 'Borderline Sciences'. Enquiring minds (ha ha ha) can reach Archon through the 'Weirdbase' BBS in St Louis, MO. *----------> FIDONet 100/ Node 523.<----------* __________________________________________________*ARCHON*______________



R A D I O N I C S O U R C E S After following the previous column of mine introducing you to 'Radionics' I am sure many of you who completed the experiments in that column have many questions about Radionics. I order to establish an operating basis for discussion and experimentation, I feel it is necessary to include a list of retailers that can furnish you with the materials that will enable you to discover for yourself the 'miracles' of Radionics. So I have compiled a list of retailers for you below.

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LIFE UNDERSTANDING FOUNDATION. Box 30305, Santa Barbra, CA. 93015

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'He who knows the Law of Vibrations knows all.' Hermes Trismegistus

Discussion #3 on Radionics/Psychotronics:

I now will discuss the central theme of radionics as it is practised by myself and others. First, I will quote literary examples of radionic experimentation.

(From 'The Rainbows of Life') "Leaves kept in an orgone box (Riechs Orgone Accumulator--a metal container consisting of layered steel, wool, and cotton) had fuller Kirlian Energy Patterns than control leaves kept in similiar boxes without the Accumulator Apparatus". (They used Kirlian Photography in their research).

(Another quote from 'Rainbows of Life')

"Healthy subjects exhibit a corona delineated in bluish-white with a deep hue band -- from 1/16" to more than 1/4" wide -- just beyond the boundary of the figertip. She found too that states of relaxation also lend themselves to blue-white corona. However, in states of arousal, tension, anxiety, or emotional excitement, a red blotch consistently appears super imposed on the fingertips and may dissolve the coronal boundary somewhat." (Kissing, Loving thoughts -- the auras blended together, fingertip boundaries dissolved.Hate -- the aura corona did not merge.)

A S P E C T S O F R A D I O N I C R E S E A R C H (The following are excerpts from various publications, I am not their original author.)

As early as 1935 we find H.S. Burr and F.S.C Northrop proposing the existence of a regulating field in a paper titled "The Electrodynamic Theory of Life". The proposals offered in this paper have been followed up during the past forty years by a number of scientists and have culminated in a work by Dr. Harold Saxton Burr that proves the existence of what Burr calls L-fields, "fields of life".

"The pattern or organization of any biological system is established by a complex electro-dynamic field which is in part determined by its atomic physiochemical components and which in part determines the behavior and orientation of those components. This field is electrical in the physical sense and by its properties relates the entities of the biological system in a characteristic pattern and is itself, in part, a result of the existence of those entities. It determines and is determined by the components."

Backster discovered that this energy field, which serves as a communication link between plants and other animate things, is not within the different known frequencies AM,FM, or any form of signal which we can shield by ordinary means...and distance doesnt seem to impose any limitation. I've tried shielding the plants with a Faraday screen cage (which prevents electrical penetration), even lead lined containers. It seems the signal may not fall within any known portion of our electrodynamic spectrum.


Here are some guesses that physicists think fit best into the present aggregate of experience:

1. All matter, even the living human body, is composed of molecules, and molecules are aggregates of atoms.

2. Atoms are aggregates of electrical particles called electrons, protons, neutrons,etc.

3. All these: molecules, atoms, and their constituent electrical particles are in continual motion.

4. The rate of this motion is influenced by temperature, mass, dimensions and the electromagnetic field in which the body is moving.

5. An electrical particle in motion is surrounded by a magnetic field, so it is not surprising that these particles show both electrical and magnetic properties.

6. Now if any material oscillates in a magnetic field, it sets up an electrical disturbance that alternates to and fro. This is called an alternating current.

7. Combining 5 and 6, we expect that all matter is continually generating alternating currents.

8. The intensity and frequency of these electrical disturbances is influenced by the conductivity of the body, the intensity of the magnetic field, and the speed with which the body moves in the magnetic field.

9. Combining 7 and 8, we should expect each body of matter to have a characteristic alternating current. 1 0. Household current is generated by a body oscillating through a magnetic field 60 times per second.

11. Radio waves are current alternating millions of times per second.

12. Light waves are currents alternating trillions of times per second.

13. All the various frequencies of alternating currents add up to the electromagnetic spectrum.

14. Due to their small intensity physicists have not been able to detect alternating currents from living bodies in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but these currents have been detected in the ultraviolet,visible,infrared, and electrical region.

It is possible that as detectors become more sensitive and selective, we shall find that radio-frequency alternating currents are associated with living processes.HENCE THE STUDY OF RADIONICS!

M A G I C A L D I A R Y (Research Notes)

The importance of maintaining a 'Magical Diary' or 'Lab Results' have often been expounded upon in great detail. It is here that I wish to reaffirm the importance of making a detailed analysis of all the experiments that you undertake in radionics, along with the results that you may achieve. Knowing what you did, how you did it and where is very important. So when you want to duplicate the results....you can do so without having a nervous breakdown because 'I forgot what I did.....'. So PLEASE document your results and experiments very CAREFULLY!!! For example, I keep my records with the Time, Date, Location, AND my STATE OF MIND in all reports. Please do the same if you are serious about learning radionics. It will reward you with success, self confidence, and the respect of your associates!


The useage of color in radionics is not new, many people will accuse me of using Colortherapy, but I do not place a distinction between the two. All are a part of the whole, so lets not quibble over 'what system of thought I use'. I will be covering a lot of ground in this series, so I may not elaborate as much as you would like me to on certain subjects or topics. Thats the way things will have to be if I am to get anything done without elaborating on what each specific item or idealogy signifys. All I can say is if you want to know more on what a chakra is or some other such thing, get a good book on the subject and READ IT! So much for my lecture, lets get busy!

Color as we all know is a section of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the visible part of that spectrum that our eyes see. I dont want you to underestimate the importance of color, and thats why I am covering it first. All things in the universe that we percieve are COLORS! Nothing but COLOR! Without color, our eyes could not percieve it. Colors are nothing but vibrations that are vibrating at different frequencies. Color is a frequency just like your shirt is, like your food is, and like your vitamins. So we are dealing with VIBRATIONS here, not 'things'! We all use vibrations to treat ourselves whether we realize it or not. So when you eat that salad for lunch, you are ingesting vibrations that are used for your survival, not a 'thing'. I want to clear up that misconception that the universe is full of things, it is full of vibrations, and nothing else. Got that? Good!

How do you use color as a form of 'medicine'? Thats what I am going to talk about now. There is a simple way to use color as a form of supplementing your diet, so you can recieve the beneficial affects of the good vibes very easily. One way is to get 7 bottles or glasses that are the same color as your chakras. The colors are, from bottom chakra to top, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet at the Crown Chakra. Then all you do is fill the bottles with ordinary tap water, and let sunlight 'charge' the water with the color of the bottle. Let the water charge for at least 1 day. Then when you feel that the water is 'ready' you drink it! You dont have to drink it hot, you can get some ice cubes and then let the water cool, then drink it. (I hate to drink warm water!)

Another way to use color is to purchase some form of container, such as a plastic box, or cellophane, that is the 7 colors of your chakras. Then put the color box over the light bulb in the room you are in and just watch TV, read, listen to the radio, or whatever.... (Just make sure you dont melt the boxes by putting them too close to the light bulb!) Even color light bulbs can be purchased nowadays...to make it even easier.

I will tell you how to choose the particular color that you need later on in this document. First things first! I allways say!

W H Y C O L O R ?

WHY should I use color you ask? Good question! I will give you the answer! Not only does the human being respond to color emotionally, such like the bull does in the bullfight, but we humans also respond to color on a more subconsious level also. Each Chakra, as hinted at above, operates on a specific level or 'frequency', and has a specific function in our perception of the world we know. The 'seven suns' and their physical counterpart is here detailed below:

No. Gland Location Nerve Plexus Color ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Pineal Top of Head Dendrites in Brain Violet 6. Pituitary Mid Brow Medulla Oblongata Indigo 5. Thyroid Throat Pharyngeal Blue 4. Thymus Mid Chest Cardiac Green 3. Adrenals Navel Coeliac,Solar Yellow 2. Spleen Lower Abdomen Splenic Orange 1. Gonads Base of Spine Sacral Red

As you will remember from my first article, The 'Ether' or 'dynamic space fluidum' or 'bioplasmic energy', whatever you want to call it, permeates the universe, and it plays a key role in the funtions of the human body as well as plants and animals. The yoga tradition sometimes describes the chakras as lotuses and assigns a certain number of petals to each one. This is simply a way of describing the rate of vibration or frequency at a particular center. The numbers of petals in each lotus can be likened to the lines of force that each center radiates. The colors the chakras emit, absorb and resonate with depend upon their speed of revolution, which varies with each of us.Colors are just energy vibrating at differing frequencies, some visible, some not. Therefore, looking at a color will tend to produce a corresponding vibration to that color in us. A modern test of human psychological and physiological reactions to color, The Luscher Color Test (The book is at Waldenbook Stores!), is proving very helpfull in pinpointing psychological causes of functional disturbances -- disease. This is also true of sound. Each chakra has an octave of sound connected with it and will be affected by it. Chanting resonates the chakras, rythmically harmonizing them with the cosmic sound current or AUM. This brings experience of altered states of consciousness...more on that at another time!!


The aura, as we all know, surrounds the human body from birth to death, and is the part of the human body that is traditionally treated by radionics professionals. The 'Kirlian Aura' is found to extend only a few inches from the surface of living things. The 'Etheric' Aura however, is reported to be composed of layers of subtle, normally invisible colored light, and to extend for several feet. This aura encases us in a sort of energy bubble. Clairovoyants such as the late Edgar Cayce have long used disturbances in a persons aura to diagnose disease. They also reportedly see indications of which psychological drives and biological energies are deficient and which are in excess.

The color of the persons aura depends upon which chakra is most active. If the person has a predominance of 'red' in their aura, then that person is a materialistic person. A person with a 'violet' or 'purple' color aura is operating more on the crown chakra, and is an imaginative person, they think 'etherial' thoughts, etc. We have all met people with very materialistic attitudes...and we say,'boy what a close minded person', or something like that. Actually, these people are not close minded, but they appear to be, because they are functioning on a different level than you are. The color of the chakras, and the role they play in determining our 'attitudes' or 'behaviour' are detailed here:

Number Color Gland Consciousness Level ----------------------------------------------------- 7. Violet Pineal Imaginative Level 6. Indigo Pituitary Intuitive Level 5. Blue Thyroid Conceptual Level 4. Green Thymus Security Level 3. Yellow Adrenals Intellectual Level 2. Orange Spleen Social Level 1. Red Gonads Physical Level

As you can see above, the chakras are each responsible for a segment of our behavior, psychologically and physiologically. The glands or nerve plexus of each chakra plays an important role in our health and our attitudes. A person who was very materialistic in their attitude would benefit from getting the violet frequencies to counteract the lower chakra, by activating the crown chakra. The same can be done for someone who has a lack of creative instincts. If a person is too intellectual, then the proper color to use to balance their attitude would be Red, Orange or Indigo. So you can see that treating the personality of a person through his aura is easy and practical. It does take time to make a transition from materialistic to spiritually minded person, but by using colors in this way, the person can effectively influence the operation of his chakras. Colors are frquencies, just like sound, and they have just as much effect upon you as sound does. DONT underestimate these powerfull frequencies. Use them, and you will discover the truth of these words.

In the next section of this series I will discuss the use of a 'witness' for application in Radionics and Psychotronics, as well as how to use colors, gem stones, and herbs to psionically treat yourself, your friends, and even get rid of the pests that eat your tomatoes!

For a MUCH more indepth look at chakras, the aura, and psychotronics, I suggest these two VERY VERY well written books on the subject. Supersensonics--The Science of Radiational Paraphysics $15.00

Nuclear Evolution--The Discovery of The Rainbow Body $12.95

Both of these books were written by Dr. Christopher Hills, and are the Best books on the subject of auras, chakras, dowsing, radionics, etc. that I have ever come accross. Both of these books can be ordered from:

The University Of The Trees Press P.O. Box 644, Boulder Creek, CA. 95006.

Dont forget to include money for postage and handling. And I would write them first to make sure that these prices are still in effect, because I purchased these books 5 years ago....So the prices may have risen some.

Thats all for now... Take care of yourself, and have lots of fun! ARCHON

Radionics Discussion #4 Topics: The Use of a Witness in Radionics/Psychotronics Use of Color, Herbs,and Gem Stones In Radionics Applications

T H E L - F I E L D

As professor Harold Saxton Burr* once stated, "So far as our present information goes, there is unequivocal evidence that wherever there is life, there are electrical properties." (*Professor @ Yale University) That is the topic I want to start off with right now, L-Fields. Measurement by modern electric instruments developed in the last few years has "revealed that man - and, in fact, all life forms - are ordered and controlled by electro-dynamic fields which can be measured and mapped with precision." And as Burr proposed as early as 1935, in his electrodynamic theory of life, -- that all living organisms have electric fields which govern their growth and decay. As as example, Burr points to the human body. Its molecules and cells are allways being torn apart and rebuilt with fresh material from the food we eat. But thanks to the controlling L-Fields, the new molecules and cells are rebuilt as before and arrange themselves as the old ones. The bodys L-Fields "serves as a matrix or mould which preserves the 'shape' or arrangement of any material poured into it."

What we are interested in here is "How can we use the knowledge of the L-Field to improve the quality of our lives?" I am going to discuss that here by explaining how the L-Field can be influenced, and what that influence can 'cause' in us humans.

I'm not going to go to great lengths to 'prove' that the L-Fields exist, if you want 'proof' then read a good book on the topic. What I am going to discuss is "Applications" and not "Descriptions".

Burr proved that the L-Field can be influenced directly by external phenomena by measuring the voltage gradients of a number of trees over a period of 30 years. He found that the L-Fields of the Trees fluctuated with sunlight,darkness, sunspots, magnetic storms and moon cycles. From this we can extrapolate that human L-Fields are similarly affected. "Since the field of a living system is an ordered pattern which represents the universe. It can be argued therefore, that the universe is an electrical field and that everything that exists in it is a subsidary or component part of the total field." Thus it is "That we are fully justified in regarding the fields of life as the instruments of physical evolution, of which, on this planet at least, the human nervous system is the masterpiece."

Radionics embraces some of the very same principles upon which Dr. Burr's theory is founded. The late George De La Warr, radionics pioneer, explained that "a basic idea in radionics is that each individual, organism, or material, radiates and absorbs energy via an energy field peculiar unto itself. The more complex the material, the more complex the waveform. Living things like humans, emit a very complex wave spectrum of which parts are associated with the various organs and systems of the body."

Radionics uses electronic equipment that is used by the human 'operator' to detect the particular radiation under consideration. And in most of all the cases the radiation under consideration is the human waveform.Radionic energies are subtle energies that the operator of the device detects by using the nerves of their hands to detect these energies which have been 'tuned in' by the Radionic device. Establishing the necessary 'sensitivity' to detect these energies is a requirement to competently use any Radionics device. Establishing 'resonance' with the radiations of the individual, measuring their amplitude and then finding the remedy which best resonates with a particular malady. Thus the organ or system is returned to its healty rate of vibration. The great benefit of Radionics is that it goes BEYOND the EFFECT and finds the CAUSE of complaints....ei, psychological conditions (Psychosomatic ills).Radionics treats the aura of man as part of his physical body, since all the inner organs of man are affected by this L-field.

It is assumed that you understand that all matter has a rate of vibration which is peculiar to itself. To have a rate of vibration is to have a rhythmical pattern of recurring periods wherein the energy of the vibration changes from one value to another. In such a situation, the frequency of a system is said to oscillate between certain maximum values.

R E S O N A N C E Resonance is said to occur when the respective periods of free oscillation of two or more different systems coincide with each other. Two systems having the same natural frequency, when joined together in phase, resonance occurs with the result that the minimum and maximum values are reached simultaneously. As an example the fact that a vibrating tuning fork will set into sympathetic vibration, or resonance, another tuning fork of the same frequency. Resonance involves an exchange between systems, a kind of mutual 'sensing'.

H A R M O N I C S Every vibration has what is known as a fundamental frequency, plus its accompanying harmonics. The 'Fundamental' (Sometimes referred to as the First Harmonic) is the FIRST and the LOWEST FREQUENCY and has the LONGEST WAVELENGTH. A HARMONIC is a Mirror Image of the Fundamental. Together with the fundamental frequency, there is an infinite series of harmonics, all vibrating at different Amplitudes, but all Reflections of the original Frequency. The frequncies of the Harmonics are all integral multiples of the fundamental frequency. The first Harmonic, following the fundamental, is double the fundamental, the next is treble the fundamental, and so on. It is generally known that that magnetic fields, and their harmonic vibrations, interact with each other in varying degrees of attraction and replusion, varying degrees of 'in-phaseness' or 'out-of-phaseness' with each other. The harmonic of a physical body is seen to be intermeshed with the body itself, but also extending beyond it... We concieve then, of each living organism as radiating out into space, a frequency indentifying other aspects of its physiological and psychological existence. As I mentioned previously, that if the oscillatory sequences of two or more systems coincide, producing a sympathetic vibratory unison, resonance is therby established. Given these conditions, it seems reasonable to expect that a human body, as an independently vibrating source, is capable of attaining a degree of resonance with other independently vibrating sources. Not only establishing resonance with other human bodies, but also with frequncies of sound, color, fragrance, etc. The human body has a magnetic force field around it, with a pattern of nodal points similar to that of a bar magnet. Each of these nodal points is in contact with the person to whom they belong. Therefore, to be in resonance with any one of these points is to be in resonance with the individual. Such people as Phil Allen, the author of "Energy, Matter and Form" suggest that these nodal points occur inside the body as the acupunture meridian systems.

R A P P O R T In 1852 a Frenchman named M. Benoit used snails in his experiments, as he felt that a certain form of rapport was operative in the animal kingdom. First, he paired of 52 snails and allowed them to become well acquainted by living together in seperate pairs. Then on each pair, he wrote a letter of the alphabet, two A's, two B's, and so on. One set of alphabet labeled snails was sent to America, and the other retained in Paris. At a predetermined time, in Paris, an electric shock was applied to a snail, say snail E. Simultaneously snail E in America reacted in sympathy, exibiting a kind of erratic behavior. Several snails were shocked and it was possible to transmit a simple message by 'snail telegraph'!

In 1965 George De La Warr conducted a experiment in his laboratory in Oxford, England. But the unique feature of his endeavor was to show that rapport exists between a physical object and a photograph of that object. A photo was taken of a snail and sent to the town of Evesham, 40 miles away. In Oxford the animal was placed in an apparatus wereby Histogram readings could be taken.(Histograms are basically Amplitude/Frequency graphs of energy transmission through body tissues.) In Evesham, which was linked to Oxford by telephone, the snails photograph was intermittently exposed to certain light energies which were successfull in producing responses registered by the Histogram in the Oxford Laboratory. Similair experiments were carried out with human subjects and their photographs; with several energy stimuli such as light, sound, color, ultrviolet, and infra-red radiations, and magnetism. In each instance Histigram readings indicated that a state of rapport existed between the subject and his photographic image. Other De La Warr research suggests that rapport holds, over great distances, between an individual and his blood or hair specimens, fingernails, and other bodily fluids. There is also much Magical Literature that will support these findings. Books by Aleister Crowley mention the 'Magical Link'. The book 'The Golden Bough' also has many references to natives utilizing the 'Magical Link' for their ceremonies in healing, crop growing, etc.

~ K A R M A ~ + A N D - K N O W L E D G E

What I would like to do now is to begin talking on HOW to use the 'Magical Link' for our own BENEFICIAL purposes. I will NOT talk about putting a Hex on someone or some other devious purposes. This knowledge is presented to you for Enlightenment and not for Destruction. I know there are individuals who will try to Psychically Dominate someone etc with this data, but that is their CHOICE and they will have to live with the EFFECTS of their CHOICE to destroy. Heed this warning! Its the First One I have made about this subject, AND its the LAST ONE! Go ahead and say, "Listen to the Holiness and Light Bullshit..." or something to that effect. It is never the less a warning AND a wisdom. So if a your are the type of person who is a 'Men in Black' persuasion, or more to the point, a 'Satanist', you will probably go right ahead with your plans and ignore my warning...and 'kill that bastard' or whatever. Well.... with Knowledge comes Responsibility, that means you are now RESPONSIBLE for what you do with the information. And when you are held RESPONSIBLE...as the saying goes....then you can 'get the axe' so to speak....and most of the times 'the axe' falls 'much too quickly'. NUF' SAID!.....ONWARD!!!! -------------------->

It is now suggested that if you intend to pursue this study of Radionics and its cousins, Radiesthesia,and Psychotronics, that you purchase a device from one of the Suppliers that I listed in the previous disscusion, in the File titled RADION02.DOC. You can buy them from prices ranging from $35.00 to $300.00+. The only reason that I suggest you purchase a device is simply because it makes your job about 100% easier, faster, and more accurate. In my opinion, they are 'necessary' to get any 'real' work done. Of course if you talk to a native Shaman of Brazil, he would most likely tell you otherwise....until he used one of the devices himself, and he realizes that it does make things easier!

I am going to use the Magnetron in the first few discussions, since it is the least expensive to purchase, easiest to operate, requires no electricity, and can be 'tuned' very quickly. Oh yes, by the way, the Magnetron is available from 'Supersensonic Energy Technologies', and their address is in the RADION02.DOC. Color is what I have used for many 'basic' applications where not much is known about the problem at hand. It is my 'old reliable' form of treating illness. First I acquire a 'witness' of the person, such as a fingernail, hair, or preferably a RECENT photograph. Then I determine what the persons problem is, for example a cold. Then I place the witness of the person on the Magnetron, (after I tune the Magnetron) and in this case for a cold, treat the witness of the person with Red and Green light, alternating the colors every two hours, then every four hours, then every two hours, and so on. In addition I also use Vitamin C with the light. So the person then recieves the positive vibrations from the light, and secondly, from the physical remedy itself. Vitamins can be administered to people in this fashion also. Herbal remedies work well also. Say a person is allways uptight, and they cant seem to ever relax. A witness of Marijuana, for example would aid the person to feel the soothing effects of the herb without having to physically consume it. A sleeping pill for the insomniac on the Magnetron along with his witness, will produce the same effect in him as if he physically consumed it, although it takes a much longer time to feel the effects. Because you are dealing with the suble energies of the persons L-Field.

O V E R L O A D S & E T H I C S

Too much of anything is bad for you, and radionic energies are no different. I myself on occasion have recieved too much energy, and the result was that I felt very 'stuffy', had hot flashes, and was VERY irritable...So make sure someone doesnt Overdose on the energies you are feeding them. I also made it my policy to ALLWAYS ask the person, if I have their PERMISSION to help them. I make NO exceptions to this rule. And I suggest you do the same. That is, unless you dont mind infringing on them and collecting their bad energies...since you took the RESPONSIBILITY to take care of them without their permission. And as I said before, when you accept Responsibilty for something, YOU are the one who gets in trouble when something goes wrong with the thing you are responsible for. And in this case, if you take Responsibility for the persons health then you are also going to feel the effects of your decisions. So the patient gets well and you get his 'old' illness..... It really happens! SO ALLWAYS ask for their permission to help them. It can be as simple as "Would you like me to try and make you well?" Nothing fancy or formal. Just a simple 'Can I...' is sufficient.

Gem stones can be used as 'medicine' just like the Vitamin C, Herbs, Pills, and Colors. Get a book on the Healing Properties of Gemstones, and read it...then you will know if a particular gem stone frequency will aid a persons diminishing concentration, etc... A Herb book, detailing all the healing properties of the Herbs is all you need to form a conclusion as to what Herb will get rid of a specific condition. And so on and so forth....Its all VERY simple once you begin to understand the principles of Radionics. Radionics is a accepted form of medicine all over Europe and is gaining popularity in the USA, even though no 'medical claims' can be made for it here in the USA. Since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesnt understand how Radionics works they wont accept it, and since the FDA will NOT allow a demonstration of the effectiveness of radionics as 'proof' of its effectiveness, the majority of the American public have remained ignorant of it. DONT allow the FDA's close mindedness, and backward acceptance procedures prevent you from enjoying the benefits of Radionics. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain. Give it a try, read about it, and discover for yourself its validity.

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The following is a excerpt from a lecture that was documented in a book that I own. It was a lecture given by professional radionics researchers. I do not know all the details of the device discussed, and I am forwarding this information just for comparative purposes. Just to show you how complicated this whole area can get!!!Enjoy!


E L E C T R O M A G N E T I C F I E L D By Dr. E.A. Maury and Marguerite Maury


It is admitted today (particularly through the work of the American Scientist Dr, H. G. Burr, and his collaborators of the University of Yale) that every living thing is surrounded by an electric aura produced by its own organism.

The aura consists of an electric, dynamic field, an it plays an important part in determining the volume, the form and the biological behaviour of every plant and animal. It is influenced by cosmic rays and by sun spots. Life on the earth can thus be said to be electrically connected with the entire dynamic system of the universe. In just a few words I shall recall the experiments of Burr and his collaborators: by putting a salamander into a salt solution connected to a registering apparatus by means of two electrodes, and then revolving the receptacle containing the animal, the existance of an electrical field flowing through the electrodes can be established and registered. The same experiment has been made on human beings by placing each index finger of a healthy person in a small bowl containing a salt solution; in which case the galvanometer indicates a value of 1.5 millivolts. If however one of the index fingers has an open cut, the galvanometer will indicate a value of 12 millivolts. Thanks to our new apparatus of electrical measures, we too have been able to register the differences in voltage of healthy and sick organisms.

I shall dispense with a detailed description of our apparatus so as not unduly to complicate our subject. I shall only recall that it contains an amplifier having a sufficiently high gain to permit the obervation of something intangible. The first thing then that the engineer who constructed the apparatus did, was to perfect an amplifier to make it provide a multiplication of approximately 10,000, the reception of the amplifier being insured by an ultra-sensitive detector, constructed like a microphone, capable of serving also as a cardiphone. The outgoing terminal of the amplifier is connected to a cathode ray oscillograph with a loud speaker recorder. This apparatus functions when connected to the main electric supply after the tubes of the amplifier have warmed up for a few seconds before a test is made.Technically, to perfect the apparatus and to obtain clear-cut responses, anti-parasite filters have been added. Later on we intend to undertake our experiments in a lead screened room isolating us from the outside, for this should allow us to record the electric field of a human being in all its purity, establishing its exact numerical value.

The subject examined is made to stand on an insulating mat in front of the apparatus. It is important that the subject should remain as silent and motionless as possible to avoid vibrations caused by currents of air or sound, which can interfere.The operator then takes into his right hand the microphone connected to the amplifying apparatus, and he holds it with its lower surface parallel to the subject examined, and with distances from the subjects body varied. (We shall later appreciate the importance that can be attributed to the respective values corresponding to the distances between the emitting subjetc and the reciving microphone.)

When the current flowing through the amplifier is increased to a certain critical maximum, a characteristic whistling noise is heard in the loudspeaker and a certain sine wave image is produced as the oscillograph records the screen picture. There the curves are rather close together or the curves rather long. More-over there is a strict parallelism between the intensity and the modulation of the sound signal and, on the other hand, the rapidity and density of the wave picture on the oscillators screen. At first we thought this might have been due to a Larsen Effect or phenomenon related to the reflection of waves but succesive experiments have proved that this phenomena plays only a very minor part in the production of these wave forms. We have noticed, for instance, that the visual and sound reactions recorded are not corresponding ones over all parts of the body. For example, near the plexuses of the sympathetic nervous system of certain subjects (cardiac plexus, solar plexus, lumbar plexus) the sound modulations are very high and sharp (that is, of a very high frequency), whilst the waves shown on the screen are very close to each other, this meaning, most probably, that the individuals in question possess a strong magnetism. The reactions can be noted at a distance of 15 feet and more. We have also noticed that the strongest reaction can be obtained near the regions of the body where the Hindu chakras are situated. It seems, thenm, that these precise points are indeed the pionts where vital energy is emitted.

I have described in as few words as possible our experimental technique and operational methods employed to examine, as exteriorized phenomena of physical apparatus, these fields of human radiations which have been the object of so much controversy. Thanks to the same method it has been possible for us besides to determine the presence of fields of radiation which are exterior to an object. As an interesting illustration of this, moving the microphone around a bust in terra cotta we were able to observe the difference in the wave modulations near the lower part of the face of the sculptured head and near the eyes. Is this due to a phenomenon caused by the influence of form? It is possible. Similiarly we have also been able to record the field of radiations due to an oil painting representing a little fishing port. It should be observed that there the modulations were entirley different according to whether the microphone was placed near the part representing the sea, or the part representing the earth and the low houses of the fishermen of Brittany. Should this phenomenon be attributed to an influence due to the chemical composition of the colours used? It is probably due to an influence of color refraction, this much depending upon the objects painted by the artist.

It seems to have been now well established that by means of this apparatus incontestably corresponding visible and audible reactions are obtained as soon as the microphone is placed more or less close to an animate or inanimate body, the degree of reation seeming to be in accordance with the form and intensity of the radiating field. These experiments have convinced us of the physical reality of an external field produced by living beings and dead objects. This is only a small step forwards, as we all very well know; for we now have to determine the exact wavelenghts of these radiations which should vary according to the degree of health of the individual examined. We have allready observed that each person has his own oscillograph waveform, and that certain diseases such a cancer, for example, produce the same general change in the appearance of the personal waveform.

Certainly it is as yet too soon to draw any definite conclusions from these experiments. I think that this method of examination should be continued in order to try to establish the nature of signs conforming to or giving indications of certain serious diseases before their full development, the information being derived from modifications of the oscillographic curves testifying to specific modifications of the human wavelenghts, these modifications being observable from a variation in the field of external radiations.


Mr. Eagerton Sykes asked if the use of the word microphone was a mistake in Dr. Maurys paper. Mr. Macbeth (who has seen the Maury appliance) explained that microphone was the name given to the collector which was applied to the affected area of a patient by being held a few inches off the skin. This collector conveys the detected influences to the thermionic valve amplifier which finally produces a corresponding oscillogram or else a musical note on a connected loud speaker. Mr. de la Warr explained that the sound was a heterodyne effect derived from an oscillating diaphragm.