Vibrational translators

Several tools are provided to translate some characteristics of matter systems to audible vibrations (sound).

Implementations include from micro to macro cosmic entities:

bulletMolecule more than 17000 downloadable from the Protein Data Bank.
bulletInfrared spectrum JCAMP-DX file reader and spectrum compound tone generator.
bulletMineral. More than 3500 contained in program.
bulletDrugs. more than 1800 in a JCAMP file format.
bulletHuman genome. genes sequences downloadable from human genome project
bulletAstronomical. Sound of solar system planet configuration from an heliocentric perspective.
bulletPlanet sounds. Pitch of planet calculated from rotation period.
bulletStarSounds. Surprising ancient drum rhythms are obtained directly from 161 star spectrum.
bulletRadionic. more than 300 rates representing substances are coded and translated to audible pitch.
bulletMatter2Wave, generate resonant tones representing language coded items.

The goal of these programs is to generated a sound that accurately represents the matter system more than trying to generate nice to hear sounds.