complete voicesync software CD

contains all the programs for windows of,  available for download (save shipping cost & delays)

bullet Radionics
bullet Radionic Amazon orchid
Digital Radionics and MultiRadionics
Bach Flower Radionics
Radionic cards
Radionic rate tester
Radionic tones
bullet Expression Tone Generator
bullet Sound Harmonizing Studio
bullet Sound of Image
bullet v2v
bullet ChordXplorer
bullet VBS
bullet MultiFreq
bullet BowlXplorer
bullet Matter2Wave
bullet Log. Spiral
bullet Lissajous
bullet Planet tones
bullet Star Sounds (cosmic drums)
bullet Molecular sounds


bullet Infrared spectrum sound generator
bullet Drugs sounds
bullet Genome sounds
bullet Mineral Sounds
bullet Solar System Sounds
bullet Balancing chat
bullet Platonic Solids
bullet Voice spectrograph
bullet Note & Colors
bullet Phi analyzer
bullet Voice params
bullet Harrison scale
bullet Tone generator
bullet Radial spectrograph
bullet Voice rings
bullet Healing Vibrations
bullet GeoStar


available for $50.

directly download it (22MB .zip file)