Voicesync bundle for mac

Contains a set of apps. covering Radionics, sacred geometry and sound exploration, use them on your 64bit macos apple mac.


The purpose of this new application -containing the best of my radionics research- is augmenting your intention (wish) and radionically transfer it to a set of subjects using a transfer function (action). It is therefore an intention amplifier converting words and images to radionic vibration that travel though subtle worlds improving manifestation.

Internal radionic high frequency waves, 3D scenario, Sound, Color, and Action development are combined to created a powerful radionic experience, an event that expand through to whole Universe.

The 3D radionic scenario is used acting as an intention expander as you look at it, sound and color coded at the radionic rate that represents the wish is also played to improve expansion and transfer.


Bowl simulator. Bowls are simple but yet extraordinary instruments, they are widely used for playing sacred music in several cultures as Tibetan (metal bowls), recent technologies enabled building pure quartz bowl rich in harmonic sounds. Bowl sound relaxes and raises concentration.

Healing Vibs. contains a set of 14 combinations of frequencies applicable to a selectable list of more than 400 diseases. Hearing periodically these combinations of frequencies can help the healing process.

InfraRed (IR) generator. Inputs a JCAMP-DX/P7B substance files from ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source Instruments & Support Molecular Spectroscopy Tosca and generates a compound sound based on substance spectrum.

MultiFreq. MultiFreq generates multi frequency tones based on the compositions of different sine waves.

Chords. Music chords are our basic emotional vocabulary, this program can help you to recognize and associate them with feelings, thus gaining control and consciousness on our emotions and how to use them in real life.

With ChordXplorer you can listen any musical chord in any base note and octave.


Includes an exhaustive set of graphical resources, logarithmic spirals, harminigraph 3D, Lissajous, Stars, Plato solids, solids, Spherical harmonics, 4D cube, Lemmniscate, 3d pi art, the Anu, Pattern, Uniform polyhedra, Kaleidoscope, Flower of life, Domain coloring, symmetric icons, n-body planetary animations, algebraic surfaces, Penrose tiling, 3d attractors, lineArt, and IR spectrum coloring.


Hear the sound of the solar system at a selected date, includes controls for easy change of actual date, provides a simplified trace map of planets.

Provides a data grid with planets actual position in heliocentric coordinates (ecliptic loc.) and distance to sun in au.

Sound is generated from physical and orbital data.

Reads 161 star spectrum of 161 stars of spectral types O through M and luminosity classes I, III, and V. Most stars are of solar metallicity, although two were chosen specifically for low metallicity. The data were obtained with the Intensified Reticon Scanner on the #1 91-cm telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory.

Sound is generated directly from this digital spectra data, appearing ancient drum rhythms of different types, octave distribution and volume can be controlled through sliders.

Rife Healing Vibs.

Contains a wide set of Rife based healing vibs., search for a certain pain using the search text box or scroll though the list, select the item and press the play button, you can also export generated sound to a sound file.

Voice Balancing System VBS

VBS analyses your voice and generates voice2voice (v2v) balancing tones optionally mixed with your favorite music, you can open recorded .wav files to process voice

It provides graphics for detailed spectrum analysis and voice to music matching.

  • Musical grid matrix matching voice frequencies with musical notes (temperate scale)

  • Radial spectrum

  • Wheel musical spectrum graph.

  • Spiral spectrum.

  • Recurrent graphs in bit and color modes.

Expression tone generator. ETG.

Generates stereo tone based in L+R channel algebraic expressions, supports (), +-*/, < > <> = >= <=, sin cos exp log log10 sqrt asin acos atan sqrt abs and the PI and PHI constants.

Math is a gateway for generating vibrations and feeling them trough sound.


apple mac running 64 bit os (macos, yosemite or newer), 4gb ram

Price: 34.56$