Sound Harmonizing Studio

This program helps you harmonizing your everyday life improving your concentration, creativity and adding more consciousness to emotional intelligence (EI).

It uses combined visual, sound and musical generated resources.

Use it every day in short sessions -five minutes is enough- following these four easy steps:

1. View animated spirals with binaural relaxing sounds.

2. Analyze your voice and listen to the balancing voice2voice (v2v) sounds.

3. Explore musical chords and identify them with emotions.

4. Listen emotional chords contained in your voice.

Who should use it?

Anyone, from 4 to 99 years, who wants to improve creativity and emotional intelligence. 

How to use it.

This program requires daily usage; a few minutes dedication is enough for feeling its benefits, start with short sessions and increase its duration progressively.


Animated logarithmic spirals


Voice radial spectrum


Musical chords table




Version 1.0